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Hello, (insert name here)! My name is Ray, but you might know me as StingerVoice. I’m a voice actor who plays video games and pretends to be funny. I also make stuff on the internet. What kind of stuff? Stop being so pushy and I’ll tell you!

If you’ve ever wanted to make a voice actor do crazy voices while he loses at video games, have I got good news for you! I host daily live streams on with a focus on interaction with my community. Video games, comedy and a whole bunch of insanity. Stop by and make me do crazy voices!
I also use my talents [talent not found] to make YouTube videos. Let’s plays, how-to’s and more! Making random stuff just cause I can. The internet is the best!

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Unfortunately, it's a volatile time for independent content creators and I need help to pay the bills. All of your fine patronage will keep the lights on and food inside my body. More importantly, your money will enable me to spend more time on making new content instead of finding extra jobs. Ultimately, I want to create content full-time.

(all commercial & business requests can be sent to [email protected])
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  2. Dedicate more time to streaming and videos!
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