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Welcome to the Patreon account of is the online news site for Country St. Maarten. The slogan of is News, Views, Reviews and Interviews. is always on point with editorials and opinion pieces. is the best in political analyses, court cases and investigative reporting. We tell it like it is. is the only news site to bring the news directly to you via email. Subscribers register online at for a free subscription to the daily newsletter and read the news on their smartphone, tablet and desktop computer. We have over 5500 email subscribers and the list is growing each day.

Because we do things and view things differently at, support our work via our Patreon account. With your support via Patreon we won't have to rely only on advertising to fund our work. Your financial support via Patreon keeps us independent. Your monthly recurring financial support fund our editorial and journalism staff who every day go out to report the news.

At we stand for a critical but fair approach towards decision makers, we respect human rights, we stand up for the environment and we fight for the little guy... and girl., your virtual newspaper for Country St. Maarten., for news, views, reviews and interviews.

How Patreon works

The way Patreon works is a reader can donate whatever they want per month and the donation is recurring each month after that. So anything, from $1/month up, is more than welcome.

What we will use the money for

Our initial goal is $12,000/month. That money plus the advertising income will be enough to keep going, indefinitely. Here are's costs:

  • Hosting. We need a robust enough hosting plan to support the highest spikes in traffic we ever get so we don't crash during those moments when the news is hot.
  • ConstantContact. The service we use to email our newsletter out to the subscription list. This fee grows as the email list grows.
  • Ongoing web development. It's a website powered by Wordpress, so there are always updates and patches that need installing and occasionally, we add a new site feature, like for instance the Obituaries page. We have a webmaster and we need to pay someone for this.
  • Facebook post "boosts". When we announce a new post on Facebook, this makes sure that the announcement gets onto 1/3 or 1/2 of our Facebook followers' News Feeds.
  • The Publisher. Managing is a job like any other job.
  • Employees. We need staff to manage the daily news gathering, reporting, editing, uploading, posting, content creation, graphics design and the administration.

Those are the basics. With these items covered financially, can support itself.

Our goal now is to publish and print a paper version of

However much we would like for our readers and subscribers to embrace the digital age wholeheartedly, there are still a large group of readers - and advertisers - who want to have a physical paper version of in the form of a newspaper.

With your financial support via Patreon, we hope to make the paper version of a reality as well.

Anyway, thanks for any support you can offer if you decide to, and thanks for being a reader of

PS: In order to incentivize you to become a patreon of we are offering you early access to the following publications that are under production as we publish, edit and update these on an ongoing chapter-by-chapter basis until the final product (ebook) is ready.

  • Living, Working & Doing Business In St. Maarten (valued at $29.95)
  • How To Start A Business In St. Maarten (valued at $24.95)
  • All About The SXM Side Hustles (valued at $9.95)
  • Satirical Cartoons Compilation (coming soon!)
  • The Tales & History Of A Major Politician On St. Maarten (coming soon!)
  • St. Maarten Pigs Trough (coming soon!)
  • St. Maarten Corporate Governance Code Explained (coming soon!)
  • The Integrity Chamber and the history leading up to its establishment (coming soon!)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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