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Get a link of the video before everyone else sees it.  Sometimes this will even be a draft still in editing that we are looking for specific patron-only feedback on. 
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Every month, there is a reject list of the concepts that were too dumb or too elaborate to shoot.  We'll share with you a list of all the ideas from the month's live shows and video that will never see the light of day.    




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About Stupid Time Machine

We're Stupid Time Machine, a sketch comedy group based in New Orleans.  We believe that New Orleans is the nation's next great comedy city. That's why we co-founded a comedy theater here (The New Movement), and why we've spent the last 6 years making our careers here.

When we are not performing at The New Movement, we are touring.  Recent stops include SF Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, a run at iO West, Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, and a 10-day tour of the East Coast. We have been featured on Upworthy, Bustle, and Splitsider and have been recommended as a must-see group by The Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. described us as “a comedy ensemble that mocks and makes fun of everything you always wanted to laugh at, but were afraid to start." And we think that's pretty right-on.  We love satire. We delight in tackling scary serious topics and making them feel tiny and dumb.  Even more, we like taking the tiny dumb things and treating them as if they are the most serious thing in the world.

Thanks to our partnership with Calm Dog Productions, we now make a video every month.  We pay for these videos out of pocket - the four members of Stupid Time Machine just saving up our own cash to pay for the wigs, animations, and numerous other production costs.  But as we get more successful, that money has to be split between videos and a growing number of touring opportunities. The result: our video budget shrinks even as our imagination and ability grows. 

But what if it didn't have to be that way? This last video shows the potential of what we can do with a larger production budget. If even a fraction of our fans threw in a dollar for every sketch we make, then we would be able to raise the type of money to make our sketches even more elaborate. What if we could film a World War II scene complete with costumes and dirt and explosions? What if we could film the inside of an alien ship or animate the members of our group getting trapped in a video game? Oh, the possibilities!    

• We will keep making each video every month even better than the last. 
• These will always be free. 
• We will use Patreon to give our fans a chance to help us build the kind of budget for each video that allows us to do things we've only previously dreamed of.     


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