is creating tutors, rigs and contents for 2D-3D artists and microstockers
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About StockLancer

hi, my name is kamil and i'm a microstocker and 3d artist. But i also experienced in vectors and photography too. As a hobby i doing some 3d stuffs and tutorials for who need it. but of course it takes time from my main work. so i opened this patreon page for make some income from my hobbies and balance it with my work. i cant do full time work because its not funy and im lazy in some situations. so i need a hobby, and if you need my stuffs like c4d rigs, models, scenes and some microstock tutorials and infos, you can be my patreon. in this way i can stay balanced between hobby and work. and you can get more stuffs from me! thank you anyway for your support!
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reaching this goal means people likes my shares. so i can belive and spend more times to this hobby for making more contents
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