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About Stone and Sons

Thank You!

First of all... Thank you for checking out my Patreon page! Being here tells me you want to know more about what we have to offer. I have listed some questions and answers below to help you.

Who is Stone and Sons?

Hey! I'm Shawn Stone. The Stone behind the Stone and Sons. I have three boys (4, 6, & 8), the Sons part. I started this journey of woodworking by building things in my carport when I needed or wanted something. I've always enjoyed building things and now as a full-time content creator I get to do what I love everyday. I find myself loving the business side and learning new things to build my business a little more than anything. As far as content creation goes, I build things, record them, upload the videos to YouTube and populate my website with project articles about the different things that I build. In addition to the videos and website I also have a podcast, the Stone and Sons Audio Show, A Maker's Podcast. I live stream the recording and interact with the viewers through live chat, voicemail questions, Twitter and through Instagram Live. I interact through these different places while live streaming to YouTube and Twitch simultaneously. I love the show aspect of this format. The audio from the live stream gets distributed across most of the podcast players where podcasts can be heard. I hope you'll join me here on Patreon to be a part of this awesome community. 

Why Patreon?

With your support I'll be able to share more of my ideas and provide an awesome audio show. Check out the rewards and find a level that fits your situation. Even at $3 per month you will gain valuable information.

Which level should I choose?

Choosing a level of support is totally your decision. Each level of support is on a per month basis. Take a look at the rewards to help you decide what level is best for you.

Will you still provide free content?

Absolutely! Feel free to read articles on my website and watch my YouTube videos (both channels) for free. 

Can I cancel my pledge?

Yes, you can cancel your pledge at any time you feel the content is not for you anymore or money gets tight. You can always come back with a new pledge any time you want.

Why do you create content?

Creating content is a way to show my creative through various outlets. If I can help someone along the way, that's even better. Hopefully you'll be entertained, learn something, and most importantly you'll be inspired and motivated to try something new yourself. 

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