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Hey guys! I'm a mom of 3 little boys, I'm currently out of job and looking (been looking for a year now, lol...wish me luck ;-; ) and I'm a cartoonist! 

I've been into drawing cartoons and anime since I was in the 3rd grade (actually failed school quite harshly because of how dedicated I was to drawing...don't be like me, do your homework kids ._.; )

I've got some really great ideas for animations that I wanna work on and present, and I'd LOVE to take a proper art class since I've never had one before to improve my skill so I can share more stories and great pieces with you guys :) So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate! It'll really help not only me, but it'll benefit 3 little boys as well!

Thanks guys!~ 
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There's an art class taking place near me that's only $20 to get in. If I can take some classes from this guy, It'll help make my skill better for you guys :D I'll be able to draw some actual decent commissions, LOL. 
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