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1/6 of a $150 music license.

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1/3 of a $150 music license.

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1/2 of a $150 music license.

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A New Audio Story Genre
Do you love listening to audio books but not for 20 hours? Try stories2music! These short flash fiction stories with orchestral film music and sound effects are mini adventures, mysteries, romances, dreams, and dramas--all in less than 5 minutes! Experience the rich imaginative and emotional moments of stories2music!

A Pinch of Imagination
Stories2music is a blend of flash fiction and short orchestral film music. There are two collections: The Edwardian Collection and the True Love Imagined Collection. They are mysteries, love stories, adventures, dreams/nightmares and drama.

A Flash of Fiction
Flash fiction is a short form of storytelling--usually between 75 to 1,000 words. It has one main character, vivid scenes, dense poetry-like prose, middle-starting plots, character-revealing actions and off-page endings. It is the ideal length for the stories, which run from 2-9 minutes.

A Dash of Music
The short film music is ideal for the stories. The music changes moods rapidly and is synchronized with the words in the story. The music enhances the narration by providing a rich emotional and imaginative experience, especially when sound effects are added. The music is an integral part of the storytelling.

A Bit of Funding
To be legal and ethical, the music pieces must be licensed in order to make them available on a website. The least expensive licensing is "web-only" licensing, which means the audio stories can be listened to on a website, but they cannot be sold, downloaded or put on a CD. The cost is $150 per music piece. I have been able to license 15 stories, but 5 stories are awaiting licensing. The cost of licensing is preventing me from putting the stories on the web. 

I am looking for patrons who believe in this new audio story genre and who want to help me get them licensed and available on my stories2music website.  Your support would make these stories freely available for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for your consideration.

Visit the stories2music website.

You can read more about the "Story of the Stories" on the s2m blog: http://kmatthes.edublogs.org/about/

$0 of $150 per month
$150 per month would pay for one new story to be licensed.  

A licensed story could be put on the s2m website for others to hear for free.

*Note: 10% of the funds go to Patreon and card processing fees.

If you contact me, I can provide the link to the Pending Licensing page, so you can hear the stories and the poem. It is legal for people to hear the stories for the purpose of feedback or support. However, the link to this page cannot be shared.
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