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      About J. A. Storm

      I'm a writer of science fiction. Sometimes, I like to believe I'm even a good one.

      My name is Stormy. I write science fiction under the handle "Stormbine" online, usually in the genres of space opera and cyberpunk, in that order. In November of 2012, I successfully completed National Novel Writing Month '12, leaving me with a fifty thousand long text wall that would become my pride and joy. Barely a few months later, and she was born- the first draft of my premiere novel, Fadeout

      Five years later, and I'm currently working on my second novel, tentatively named Mercury Nine, set in the same universe as its big sister and just as ambitious, with one caveat- I'm no longer just writing a set of one shots. I'm creating a universe.
      And I would like you to join me.

      But How?

      I'm constantly experimenting with new ways to disseminate my work to people, most often in the form of short sketches or one shots that I post on my blog, stormbine.tumblr.com (follow me! :)) Creating novels is great and all, but instead of waiting several months in between drafts to see progress on my work, why not get bits and pieces from time to time over the course of a month?

      Enter the fabulous pseudo imageboard Danger/u/, a board and standalone fan app based on the cyberpunk "waifutending" visual novel, VA-11, Hall-a. While derping through its appropriately named /cyb/ (cyberpunk) related board, I discovered a group of handle-wearing anons with a penchant for posting codes and creating lore threads that went far past the canon of the game itself.

      Naturally, I decided to join in on the fun, using one of my pre-established characters, the titular Mercury Nine, as my handle.

      A series of ghastly murders involving phone booths, the creation of a Discord, and growing from three to over a dozen players later, and I realized what we created was not quite an ARG, and not quite an RP either... but something in between. In the course of a week or two I had learned more about my characters AND told more people about them than I had in a few years.

      There was something remarkably intimate about the process- it reminded me so much of those choose your own paperback novels of yesteryears and the interactive webcomics of today, like Homestuck.

      At the same time, while I won't pretend to reach the same levels as Ilovebees, the platform that these fictions exist on lends itself to suspension of disbelief by default, one that, given time, can become beautiful in its own regard.

      And that's where you come in.

      It goes without saying that maintaining this sort of system is very time intensive. I can't afford to take off time at work to maintain the RP, since priorities will be priorities. One of my long term goals is to become self sufficient on my writing alone.

      But for right now, I want to continue sharing my work with the world. By supporting my patreon, you're helping me continue to produce content in the universe of Fadeout, and in the future, will have certain incentives for doing so. For now, my Patreon page is a mere "tip jar," but some day as I continue to refine my creative skills, I hope to successfully create an epic of my own.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my text wall, and see you later, space cowboys.

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      At this level, I'd basically be able to call this a part time job.
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