Jason Storm - Sculpture and Ceramics

is creating sculpture, modern art, pottery, home decor

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$1 a month purchases about 10 pounds of clay a year.  
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Over the course of a year, this will pay for several kiln firings, or perhaps a couple of bags of fresh clay.
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Your contribution over the course of 12 months will pay for many of the rare minerals essential to glaze creation.




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I create functional and decorative sculpture, primarily in ceramics.  My studio is in Poughkeepsie, north of New York City.   I draw inspiration primarily from modern Japanese, English, African, and American sculptors and ceramicists.  I am here because there are several essential pieces of studio equipment that simply can't afford in the foreseeable future, first on my list being a pugmill (a large contained auger used to reclaim and recycle clay discards).  Once that goal is accomplished I will move onto building a wood fired kiln on the property.  

Approximate expense of maintaining the studio:

Mortgage - $1100 a month (in fairness I live here as well)
Property taxes - $900 a month (see note above)
Glaze materials - $300 a month
Clay - $400 a month
Electric and gas for kilns - $300 a month

It's an expensive art form ultimately and despite pieces by Hans Coper and Lucie Rie consistently selling for mid to high 5 figures in auction, there is little support in the market for emerging artists.  

My sincere thanks in advance for any support you can provide, and I look forward to rewarding any and all contributions with works of art designed for eating, drinking, incense, flower arrangement, or simply contemplation.
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