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About is built as the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things Arthurian. We provide (or plan to provide) all of the following:

  • The Arthurian Shared Universe, a collection of fiction that provides the definitive Arthurian fiction experience, eventually covering everything from the history before Arthur's birth, to events after his death.
  • Weekly online resources to learn more about Arthurian and Celtic mythology.
  • Print-on-demand and free ebook versions of Arthurian/Celtic classics.
  • A database of Arthurian stories and media.
  • A YouTube channel with regular stories about Arthur and his Knights, as well as many other forms of content.

It's our goal to eventually have everything from an exclusive membership of modern-day Knights of the Round Table to maybe even film and television adaptations of our work. Heck, we'd love to even make replica medieval town as an Arthurian theme park of sorts!

But to do all that, we will need your help. Here's how your contributions will contribute to our vision.

100% of all patron funds that we receive will go to the content contributors on the website, artists (including book cover artists), and hired creators (such as those who help out with the editing of the YouTube channel).

None of the funds are kept by the owners of the site. Every dime that we receive will go into producing more amazing content to enjoy on the site, the YouTube channel, and more!

If you choose to contribute you will receive exclusive content only available for Patrons, as well as early peeks at forthcoming content.

If you choose one of the higher tiers, you'll also get exclusive artwork and maybe even a t-shirt mailed to your door! See all tiers for details.

But whatever you choose to give, just know that you have, first and foremost, our undying gratitude. Your contributions really do help to make our vision a reality. 

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