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About Story Medics

It all began with one of Marcus’ silly ideas, best put into a chant: “Two tales enter! One tale leaves!” What’s that mean? Well, two creative types pick a normal item and study it for a ten-count. Then they craft a story from it (or try to). The better story wins. Simple.

Marcus blurted this idea to Weston at a diner. Then they tested it over a series of informal prompt jousts. They made up stories based on whatever object caught their eye. Realizing the idea had merit, Weston told Jonah and Mike.

Jonah had the camera gear, a flair for production, and knew his way around the internet. Mike had fiendish programming chops and was simply born to be the Prompt Master. Weston had mad skills with a computer, knew his internet marketing, and (as an author) knew how to tell a story. While Marcus does bring crazy to the table, he also knew a thing or two about storytelling. Then along came Weylin, who used his audio skills to enhance our sound.

Over more meals, Story Medics and Prompt Joust came to be. With time, fans, and support, this can become something epic. Perhaps a vehicle for authors (like Marcus and Weston) to showcase their works. Or as a way to help aspiring writers realize that a good story can spring from anything—even a mustard pack or a spool of twine.

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