Saint Pepe

is creating phone based improv comedy with unsuspecting guests.
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For 1$ you will sponsor one of my shows. For now I am planning on calling it Frog Talk. Your name will be dropped as a sponsor of the show one time. It will actually be dropped two times probably in both audio and on some video somewhere too. That's 2 for the price of 1. Don't be a fool and buy now. 
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For 3$ you will sponsor any shows I put out for the month, so as many shows as I make in the month you donate, your name will be mentioned as a sponsor.  Your name will also be dropped or plugged somehow in each video I release in a month. 
Personal Prank.
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I will call one person, one time (until I reach them) and prank them. You can help me with what the prank should be or just let me come up with something on my own. With this, once a month I will call whoever you want. Be warned, some of my pranks to people have resulted in them never talking to me again




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About Saint Pepe

Hi. I'm St. Pepe. I make prank calls and various trolls for your and my own bemusement. I will probably let you down and/or piss you off if you decide to support me, but damn will i appreciate it. I don't really know what I'm doing and probably one of these days this shit will get me arrested, so please give me bail money ahead of time. Thank you. 

$0 of $100 per month
If I actually reach 100$ in support money I will start doing live shows, and get serious with this project. With this support I could have better gear, a live show with chat rooms for suggestions and particpation, and could actually start to feel loved. 
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