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Expect 2-3 or more of these per week....when our economics soon blossom again.

You also get access to the Patron-only feed as well as certain polls.

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Right now, the tier is as soon as we complete the videos, and since we're trying to make them extremely special they are taking MUCH longer than expected.  However, your support is what fuels their eventual birth.

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About Strange Mysteries

Hi, I'm Nathan.  I run the Strange Mysteries channel on Youtube (  

THANK YOU for coming here.  Simply coming here means alot to me.  If this works, we both will benefit.

 I'll explain why I made this Patreon page... 
 AFTER I explain how to watch those "Go Deeper" Bonus videos! That's why you're here, isn't it?
Note: Bonus Video Access is $2.00 per month. Cancel anytime.
PREMIUM VIDEOS are $20 per month.  Cancel anytime, explained below.



1)  Click the orange "become a Patreon" button or the "Get $2 Reward" button over to the right & up some.
2)  Choose the reward you want - probably the $2 one for access to the "Go Deeper" Bonus Video Segments. You can also choose to pledge more for more perks (including bonus videos) you'll see listed.     
3)  On the next page, sign up for an account using Facebook or your e-mail address.
3)  Pay by card or Paypal.  You can cancel at anytime.
4)  You will see my thank you page.  Click my "hand" logo or the link I put there to come back and watch the videos by then clicking on the "Bonus Video" featured keyword over to the left and below a little.
5)  Or go to the "Posts" section.  You'll see all the bonus videos there that you can now watch!

There are a bunch of Bonus Videos available now!  Join now and watch them.  The first $2 pledge charge or pledge of any amount will happen immediately (regardless of what day in the month it is), and then it will be charged every 1st of each month after that.



1) Click the orange "become a Patreon" button or the "Get $20 Reward" button over to the right & towards the bottom.
2) Choose the reward you want - you want the $20 Premium Video Access one.
3) On the next page, sign up for an account using Facebook or your e-mail address.
3) Pay by card or Paypal. You can cancel at anytime.
4) You will see my thank you page. Click my "hand" logo.  Come back here, and click the "Premium Videos" featured keyword down to the left or to the left from here.  You'll see links to both the trailer post & actual full video post.  Watch either - but the FULL VIDEO one is the one you just signed up for.


So, why did I make this Patreon page and what cool stuff will be happening because of it?

First off,   I'm VERY nervous about how/if this is going to work.  It's a big commitment on my part and I have no idea if even anyone signs up.  Planning and executing all of this out has taken me around 150 hours.  I literally cannot wait for that point in time when I make this page live and the first video live on Youtube that points towards this page for the bonus content.  It will be so soon from the time I'm writing this right now.  Will this work...or not?  Of course, it will be an ongoing process of making adjustments and listening to you all.  I have been working myself to death the past week locked up in a room....I can barely sleep.  I'm very excited.  It's 6:23am right now and I've been working all night.

The primary reasons I decided to make a Patreon page:  


I want to improve the channel and focus it towards the subscribers instead of about just getting views (I explain this in more detail below).  I want the user engagement of Patreon it provides as well.  Unlike the people posting in the comments section on Youtube, I'll know that people who actually pledged care about the channel.  I will take things they say quite seriously. 


Relying only on Youtube and it's algorithm is risky:  I don't want the future of what I've built to be at the mercy of a single entity.


Many people use adblockers that block ads that I use to make a living off of the channel.  This could be a way for them to give back.


 Youtube has continuously been increasing levels of strictness towards what videos can and cannot be monetized ( did you know if I mention the word "war" in a video at all...I cannot monetize it?). Lately, I've been having random videos lose monetization for what seems to be no reason too. That's scary.


I can post certain content on here that I can't on Youtube....just as I mentioned above Youtube is getting stricter and stricter with its "you cannot monetize this video" whip.

The MAIN Reason:


I realized I've been running Strange Mysteries wrong.   To make money on Youtube, you must get as many views as possible.  It does not matter who the views are from as long as Youtube can show an advertisement to the person that that person doesn't care about 99.9% of the time.  Do the economics of that, for any reason, sound a little inefficient?

For certain channels appealing to a BROAD audience, this BROAD approach works, but more specified channels have a disadvantage with this approach (like limitations on topic selection due to their theme) while at the same time having certain other advantages.

I've been running Strange Mysteries like it's designed to get as many views as possible.  Channels that (can) post videos about any topic or list are designed to get views like "The Richest" or "AllTime10s".  Strange Mysteries has a theme its limited to for topics which appeals to a smaller audience, but has more defined types of people as its subscribers.  Unlike channels that try to appeal to everyone, my subscribers likely have more defined wants and needs that I could potentially be fulfilling, if I asked them.

Before, I was just pooping out videos based on good thumbnails & publishing videos as often as possible because the newness of it got me views.  My goal was to get views.  The topics and content inside them I didn't care as much about.  They were secondary as those factors weren't as important for getting views & VIEWS = revenue.

I'm going to run the channel with the goal of fulfilling what my subscribers want, which I do not believe is pooping out low quality videos like I've been doing with.  This will cause a loss in ad revenue (because I'm not focusing on views) that needs to be offset. That's why I'm offering things, which, so far, I believe you all want here on Patreon for pledging money on a monthly basis.   These things will not only give you power in making some decisions, but will help me understand what other things you want.

That's where Patreon Comes In!

So, I've been trying to figure out what you all want with surveys, polls, questions, and comments.

In terms of videos, this is what I can surmise you all want.  I'll be running polls to see what else you all want.

Yes, they are kind of generalized, but these are the things I am going to improve with pledges.  Hopefully you've already had a taste of these things in the what happens when you die video and bonus video....and I'd like to go beyond the quality found even in those.

This is the information I've acquired.

I acquire these with polls, and user submissions.  This has worked well.  I have a bunch saved up and ready to go actually.
Anyone who becomes a Patreon by pledging at least $2 (joining the "Go Deeper" Bonus Video Segment tier) has shown me that they are serious about Strange Mysteries, and therefore has more credibility if they took a poll.  They will be able to cast their vote in the general polls I can host here on Patreon, which I will take more seriously than the results of a generalized poll.  Also, they will be able to tell me what other perks they might want on Patreon.  

"What Might be Beyond the Edge of the Universe", "5 Questions that Question Reality", "Will Time End?" "What Happens When You Die," Space Topics - these are example ideas and topics I've acquired from you all that have been rated highly. I believe topics such as these, which tend to be a little more difficult to research will be the new type of topics.

These better topics won't have good thumbnails, and thus will likely cause a decline in revenue as the focus changes from views to you all. Patreon pledges are the way to offset that.

2)  BETTER Content/Research within the videos.
I just feel like the content of the videos isn't as on par as it should be, and if I want to focus on you all, better videos is a big key.  I know more and better research can be done.   I want the videos to REALLY be worthwhile. Would you argue against this?

The topics you all seem to like are difficult to research and may likely cause me to lose advertising revenue.....even better content & research on to of difficult to research topics will increase the time it takes or the money (potentially ALOT more money) it takes to get videos done.  

At first, advertising revenue may decline as how often videos are published declines due to time in tandem with revenue declining due to better topics with poor thumbnails, but as soon as I see I'm actually getting Patreons to offset this, I should be able to increase how often videos are published.

3) Videos Published Often
This is just something you all want, obviously.  I've discussed it above already.  Pledging is important to keep this up as I begin to execute changing the goal of the channel.

Perks You Want from Patreon:

I ran some polls and got some information on the types of perks you all may want from Patreon..

Merchandise scored quite high as something people wanted.  I was surprised.  Unfortunately, I don't have anything set up for merchandise or T-shirts right now, but if you all are serious about it, once I get it set up, I'll add it as a tier you can join. 

Choosing the Next Video Topic for $250/mo pledge:
This is an interesting idea, although I believe it could backfire on me too easily or become very complicated.
What if you chose a topic no one wants? It does show that you all are interested in a sort of superior form of video topic selection.

I'm going to make a tier (once I figure out polls) where there is special poll with a list of video ideas, perhaps the ability to submit some as well.  That members of that special group vote on.

Me Doing the Voiceovers Sometimes:
I'll figure out some way of doing this.  It was rated really high in my poll.  The first bonus video has my voiceover anyway.

Why is there no $1 tier?
I really wanted people to come and really get something by donating.  I couldn't rationalize $1 for these bonus videos, plus access to the feed, plus being able to submit questions in the community, plus taking generalized polls, $2 felt like the best option. 

For now I think I'm going to keep this simple until I see that Patreon gets some hits or people signing up.

7% complete
At this point, things should already be pretty awesome for you guys, but they would just continue to become more awesome.
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