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The only reward I can offer at this time is simply more videos for my audience.  Your contribution can ensure that I can continue making them.




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About Strange Worlds Unlimited

First, I'm an author.  I have a novel that I self published, one more on the way soon, and several short stories, some of which I have also self published as e-books.  Most of my writing falls into the Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy genres.  If you are not interested in those types of stories but still want to help me, rather than buy a book, you can help out here.

Second, I vlog on YouTube.  The vlogs run the gammut from everyday things, random thoughts, my opinions on current events, and audio/visual versions of my stories.  I might even do a few reaction videos and game related videos in the future.

Your pledges will help me continue to write my novel and short stories, finish the novel, pay for cover art, and other things necessary to bring them out to the public.  It will also help me obtain better equipment and software to continue my writing and producing my videos.

 I humbly thank you for any and all support.
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If I can just get an extra $20 a month, or more, then that can go to getting new equipment, new editing software, and other things that will support my making of videos and make them easier and better to make.
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