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When I was a boy I once visited a local bookstore. I don`t remember if I had any particular purchase in mind, but I do recall noticing a simplified version of Freud's teachings. After randomly looking at the content I saw a line in which a question was raised: do random thoughts and actions has any origins? I, of course, left this question to more interested parties, but I have never forgot it. In my channel, at the end of the videos, I will try to briefly explain to You the origin of that particular video. I welcome you to Strayed Idea.
What are the videos going to be about?
The videos or video essays are going to focus on those parts of the cinematic, political, philosophical, psychological and cultural material that makes me (and perhaps You) feel the certain way, which means that I am more likely show the clip and talk about the clip; although some of the narrative will be portrayed with less related visuals.
How often will I post?
After I come up with the topic, it takes me about 2-3 weeks to do the research and write a script (I tend to do my research offline). It takes another week to burn and edit the videos, record the voice and make it somehow watchable. So we are talking about 1 video a month while maintaining my full-time job, family and sanity.
Why Patreon?
When I decided to dedicate myself to this channel I did set myself some goals and clear standards. Patreon might serve me right to reach ones and to keep the others.
Goal: Create and maintain enjoyable, useful, qualitative material and, in time, make it my full time work.
Standards: Do not use ads. Do not promote any merchandise. It is not all about the money.
I don`t take requests.
The point is – my goal largely depends on my ability to create a quality content and your ability and willingness to support it financially. As for my standards – that`s totally on me. And that won`t change. The videos will always remain free. Also, there are no exclusive privileges (like early video releases or private chats) to the donator.
About me?
Last and least important.
My name is Marius. I am 27 years old, from North Lithuania. I currently work as a visual media translator. Proud husband and a father of two.I decided to organize my lifelong readings, experiences and ideas thus puting it to some use.
Channel Artist:
$4.50 of $2,000 per creation
At this point, I could dedicate myself full time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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