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Okay, so you like me and you like my balloon videos. This basic tier lets me know not only that you like me, but that you're willing to support me and encourage me to continue producing fun videos with a small donation each month. It's a small enough amount to make it easy for you to contribute, but it's still a big deal to me because it let's me know that what I'm doing is making a difference in the balloon world. I truly appreciate your support and will do my best to make sure you like my channel enough to stick with me. Thanks!

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Wow you really like me and my videos, and are willing to show your appreciation with a bigger contribution each month. I'm honored and humbled by your support and will really work hard to make sure that my content says thank you too. As an additional thank you for supporting me at this level, you will be able to schedule a thirty minute video chat with me every six months. The chats can be up to thirty minutes in length, and you can ask me questions about balloon related topics, or have me teach you something that you're wanting to learn or having trouble with. We can schedule the chat over Skype or Facebook at a time that is convenient for both of us. If you live close enough, we could event meet somewhere like a local restaurant or other public place and visit in person. Thanks!




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About Stretch Clendennen

Hello, I'm Stretch Clendennen, a.k.a. Stretch the Balloon Dude, and I've been twisting balloons into fun and fascinating shapes since 1989. I'm an internationally known artist in the balloon community and I've taught at major balloon conventions like Twist & Shout and T Jam on the Road across the United States. I love sharing my art and encouraging other balloon artists to learn more and further their skills. Your support here on Patreon will help me continue to produce video tutorials for my YouTube channel @BalloonDude19 that you and others can use to learn designs, techniques, tips to increase your skills, value, and even income as a balloon artist.

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