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STRIVE is an organization that builds communities to help students explore Ayn Rand's philosophy and its applications to their professional and personal growth. We do this by engaging with students at Objectivist conferences, and through our own programs online, all available to students for free.

  1. We have our Mentorship program, where students can be paired up with professionals as mentors suited to them, and who have achieved success by applying Ayn Rand's philosophy. We also have Mentor Q&As online each month.
  2. The Objectivism Q&As is a series of online webinars dedicated to connecting students with intellectuals with expertise in Ayn Rand's philosophy, to help them explore her ideas more thoroughly.
  3. The Undercurrent is our online magazine where students can practice writing from an Objectivist perspective, get published, and improve under guidance from our editor.
  4. The STRIVE Venture Fund is a small grants program providing funding to students looking to create projects promoting Objectivism.
  5. Lastly, the STRIVE team is available to assist students in creating and growing their clubs on college campuses.

Please visit our website for more info at
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