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About Strong Body Clint

Free Coaching For a Healthier You
Fitness lifestyle coaching that won't cost you a thing

My name is Clint Jurgens (@strongbodyclint) and I offer free one-on-one coaching plans to those who want to eat healthier, exercise smarter and live better. I am not a certified coach, or nutritionist, BUT I am a father of twins, a business owner, husband and I've found the way for it to all work.

I've helped many friends and fam and as this is a passion of mine, I've finally decided to make it official and create a site to share my knowledge, my drive, motivation and positive mindset. If you're looking to get yourself back to your best, or even push yourself to areas unknown then I'd love to help. It's all lifestyle focused with me! None of this bodybuilder or CrossFit nonsense. It's eating and training for a better life. Period.
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Once I hit $1500 per month I can then focus purely on Strong Body Movement as a full blown project, and not just something on the side.

I'll then be able to dedicate so many hours to creating fitness and nutrition content, getting a vlog up-and-running and doing social media events like facebook + instagram lives, etc.
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