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About Studio Dhuppi

Who are Studio Dhuppi?

Studio Dhuppi is a queer writer/artist duo from Sweden, who have been making comics together for five years. We strives to create relatable and inclusive comics for LGBTQ+ audiences!

Our current project is a graphic novel and webcomic called Come QUEER with me.

What is Come QUEER with me?

Come QUEER with me is a 14 chapter long graphic novel in the making.

It's a low concept sci-fi set in the near future, and deals with topics like queerness, class struggle, bratty pop stars fighting against discrimination and faceless mega corporations trying to control and broadcast every aspect of minorities lives. Also kissing.

Come QUEER with me is a story about oppression and revolution.

Why should you become our patron?

We want to create inclusive queer stories and art that is available for everyone, regardless of their economic ability. Because of this, we publish our comic for free online.

However, we do have bills to pay. So, in the spirit of from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs, if you do have the ability to become our patron, please consider doing so!

Plus, if you pledge a little extra, there's some stuff in it for you, too!

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