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About Chris Boylan

Creating animation is my passion.  I am a self taught animation artist with more than 10 years experience in the VFX/Animation industry.  A few years ago I took a big leap and began working exclusively on developing my own original content.  I'm extremely inspired by 80's and 90's anime, especially old school OAVs.  It has always been my dream to create animation based on what I love about these cartoons, while also telling a story more along the lines of what we're used to in the west.

My Current project is a post apocalyptic cyberpunk story titled, "Redline Ronin and The Seven Deadly Swords":

10 years after the world's end...a slumbering hero awakens with one goal...REVENGE.  With no memory of how he was resurrected as a robot, Sam wanders the badlands of the Redline Empire, searching for clues to unravel the mysteries of his past.  He is guided by Jiggs, a cunning, resourceful and ruthless scavenger of the wasteland.   For the last ten years, she has lived by one rule...Do whatever it takes to survive.  Together, they are joined by Sam's trusty robot lion, Blaze.  Blaze is both comrade at arms and transportation combined in one formidable package.   He fights ferociously on the battlefield, transforming into a rugged motorcycle when needed to traverse the desolate post apocalyptic hellscape.  But...are THESE THREE enough to stop the SEVEN RUTHLESS WARLORDS who rule the new age with their IRON FISTS...?
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