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Hi. Please feel free to call me Static.

I create or consider creating a heck-ton of content, and I think I do a pretty okay job at it? I think??? I would hope so.

But enough about all that! I want to try making comics, more animatics, and writing more stories, but my bank is crying at me, so I am gonna have to make some stuff exclusive to gain money for goods and services. Yaaaay capitalism.

So far, I've made a lot of pretty successful fics on, Tumblr, and AO3, done a commission or two with satisfied customers, and started creating animatics.

To see some examples of my work, see:

I've created content for a lot of fandoms, including:

My Hero Academia
D. Gray-Man
Teen Wolf
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Original Works (TBC)

I'm wanting to do more, so please! Just a $1 is some good motivation for me.

Additionally, most content here will be safe for work. There are likely to not be any sexual themes. However, gore and/or blood may be included in some works, as well as other, non-sexual but dark themes. Such works will have the appropriate warnings on them. Please make sure you read them.



So, I'm not always the best at doing things quickly quite yet, but I'm going to do a raffle at the end of each month so you can request One (1) of the below from any of the fandoms mentioned above:

*Ficlet - 1000-2000 words
*Lineart - some shading, no color

The more you give, the more raffle entries you have! Each Raffle will have Two (2) Winners, and I'll have your requests finished by the time of the Next Month.

For Extra Notes, check your Patreon Donation Rewards.
25% complete
This is half my monthly gas bill. :0
I'll be sure to update the magical girl fic at least once a month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts

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