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In 2016 my family called the police during an argument where a mirror was broken. It somehow became a domestic violence against me. Warrants were charged to me after paying bail and complying with the court. Even though upon release my family continued their abuse and physically accousted me and withheld my belongings from me. I have been homeless mostly since. Before this my stalker: Yuriy Bilokonsky and accomplice to my rapist: Will Vandermast to Indio Cortez could not receive a restraining order or felony for their illegal activities and abuse after multiple police reports for each incident. Recently, still fighting my case through all these legalities - after paying the rest of my money during card fraud to my roommate, he threatened our home with guns and was arrested. While searching for employment after loosing jobs that misunderstand the severity of my court apperances, I freelance but it is not close to the living expenses I need to overcome these problems.
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To fund the money that put me $0 wrobgky accused and traumatized 
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