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is creating Clay sculptures
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About Kendall Stump

Hello and welcome to my little section of the creativity world! 
I want to thank you for checking out my work and for believing in me enough to sponser me! It is sad that the art of creating can be so expensive! 
I have been involved with art, both digitally and traditionally, for a long time and it is a pleasure to share some with you!
I fell in love with sculpting when I received some Super Sculpey Firm for Christmas this past year. I made my first ever sculpture and now I can't stop! This has been a constant learning process and has caused me to invest in and learn to use new tools. I want to share what I have learned with you to save you some time and money. Hopefully we can supply each other with some always needed knowledge and inspiration! 
So again, welcome... let's make something!
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I need more equipment.... like airbrush and paint, for example! 
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