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STUNLOCK is a blog about videogames.

We are adult human beings who play a wide variety of games and write about whatever subjects catch our interest. We do not aim to report on the latest news or write reviews about new releases, although these things will happen naturally from time to time.

We are not a business. We discourage any kind of community from forming around the site. For the sake of maintaining our creative integrity we will maintain a constant, mild antagonism towards our audience, particularly those who give us money.

Initially our goal is to write a couple of articles a month - perhaps on a game we've played lately, or a subject that's been on our mind. In the future we'd like to do a podcast, produce videos and perhaps do some streaming, but we still have some creative decisions to make about these things.

Fundamentally we can rumble on without any money, but anything you contribute will help to establish a budget with which we can pay our expenses, commission work, and fund daft ideas.
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