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Hello, SOD Podcast Fans! Thank you for considering joining in on the fun of the podcast you have come to enjoy. Become a monthly supporter of Stupidity on Demand and help it grow and reach more people just like you. Whether you listen at work, while making dinner, exercising, or just passing the time, I am honored. In 2013, my ambition for launching a podcast came from a voice that told me to stop making excuses and start sharing some laughter. It was a literal voice in the form of a comedy podcast that made my work days a little more bearable. Not once have I been disappointed in the response and support of my podcast through the years. If listening to the show is even a fraction of the fun as it is to make it, then you kind of owe me, right?

Why Patreon?

Going on the show's 5th year, I have set a goal of releasing 25 episodes in 2018. Ultimately, this is less about the money and more about accountability. Even with zero backers, the show will continue, but I'm looking for a driving force of dedicated supporters to keep me moving forward.


Show prep and episode planning are ongoing processes that have evolved, much like the show itself.  With my two co-hosts, Jason and Steve, along with random drop-ins, we record the show every other weekend.  When we are done yucking it up, the real work begins. The shows average an hour in length, but editing takes about 2.5x that amount. This includes adding an intro, outro, music bumpers, additional segments, and commercials. Once I complete edits, rendering, and publishing, it's now time to promote. Stupidity on Demand can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at When promoting, I focus on cultivating content for the Facebook page as well as Instagram posts for the newest episode. With all things considered, each episode has about 6+ hours of work  wrapped up into a listener hitting the play button.

So listen, laugh, and most importantly share!

Thank you to my co-hosts Jason and Steve for allowing me to captain this paddle boat, and to all the listeners for being our fellow seaman.

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This covers the podcast's monthly expenses. That includes domain names, web hosting, media hosting, candy, and voice/diction lessons. I don't need your money, but who am I to say no to the biggest compliment you can give someone,"your content is worth slightly more than nothing." Think of it like you holding the door open for someone, but then you get to call yourself a philanthropist.
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