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Acid attacks, a grossly underestimated crime is prevalent throughout developing and developed countries, namely UK, Pakistan, India, Colombia, France, Bangladesh.

This heinous crime, in most cases, stems from the unrelenting urge to permanently disfigure someone in order to assert their own dominance over the victim, depriving them of opportunities and self-identity. With 1500 reported cases of acid attacks globally, NGOs such as the ASTI (Acid Survivors Trust International) go on to state that this specific crime largely goes by unreported, despite its sheer severity, for both fear of repercussion and failure of the judicial system.

Furthermore, despite being a decade-old problem in Pakistan, has only been criminalized as of 2012 with the introduction of “The Acid and Burns Crime Bill”. However, the prevalence of such incidents stabilised as of 2015 and 2016, with 400 to 750 women falling victim to this devastating crime on humanity itself.

 Thus, our aim is to contribute to the elimination of this atrocious crime. For the victim’s inner strength will shine through the scars that mark their body, at the hands of the perpetrator who wish to eradicate their self-identity but ultimately shall fail to do so.
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We want to generate enough funds, in order to facilitate the three children of an Acid Attack victim in Pakistan by providing them with the fee to attend school for some duration of time.
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