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subtextual. - it's my online project, where i'm pretending to be smart. 😊
... and trying to grow your knowledge about every aspect of any media you can find.
I'm aiming to make 1 - 2 videos esses per month. If you pay me, I'll keep doing it.

            By supporting me, you will help me to invest all my time to working on new videos, so i won't need to think how to feed myself. 
            Because all my equipment is from another decade, most of the time im wasting on editing. I hope, we will grow enough, that i could buy some nice micro (audio is the most important in videos) and decent PC (so i will finally produce more than 5 min of video per week, because of my laptop is dying).
             Also, your investments will help me to engage  more people like editors, illustrators, animators etc. to the project, what will effect on quality and quantity of my videos.

         Thank You for supporting me on this long run journey. Even if you just enjoying my videos  on YouTube - your attention is already great reward for me. I won't stop. I will conquer your expectations. Together we will reach the highest level.
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This will be first small step for our community and giant leap for this channel. This amount of money will be enough for me to hire someone who can help me with montage.
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