Sleeping Under Covers Collective

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About Sleeping Under Covers Collective

Sleeping Under Covers is a DIY art & music collective based out of Oneonta, NY.  We are made for and by members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Our goal is to promote and create a platform for LGBTQIA+ artists and musicians.  We create zines featuring said artists, writers, musicians, etc., and host shows for bands and musicians with member(s) in the community. Funds received will help us to keep doing what we're doing, and to hopefully expand.  Thank you for helping us help others!

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$0 of $45 per month
Every $45 helps us to donate a GC2B binder via Twitter, for those who cannot afford/safely acquire one. Binders can help to minimize dysphoria for some people who are trans or gender non-conforming.  
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