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alright so what do i say?
i'm workin on Tyler the Tailor™, a platformer inspired by Pizza Tower Wario Land and Rayman Origins & Legends. You play as well, uhh... Tyler. And he's a tailor. What an epic decision to name my game amirite?

Jokes aside though, I ain't got no moneys which i need in order to actually get it out somewhere.
For now though, have this video of a super duper early test room.
                                                              The Team!!!

                                                     P Con Doggo - Composer

                           Sbeve (me!!) - Spriter, Coder and Game Designer (don't forget Shitposter)
                                           MarioTheShetPoster - Consultant & Shitposter

I'm planning to give the others money too, they're doing a good job.
$0 of $30 per month
That'll help me get the game out on Windows, and maybe Mac.
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