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About Sue Aston

Join 'Team Aston' and come with me on a musical journey through the natural landscape of Britain, and be the first to hear and see my new compositions. I live in a coastal village in Cornwall, the heart of 'Poldark Country' in the far west - rich in heritage, myths and legends!

Every month you will receive updates, new music & video creations.

Depending on what you can pledge your rewards will range from signed albums, new music in all stages of the composing process, videos and your name will be credited on the artwork of my new music albums. At the top level, I will compose some music which will be inspired by and dedicated to you, and I will post you a 'Seasonal Postcard' and 'Poetry Postcard' to celebrate the beauty of the landscape in the changing seasons.
Your support will enable me to record and produce new albums and EPs. Walk the coastal paths with me, visit the amazing historical places and explore the heritage and history of the scenery that inspires my passion in my musical documentary shows.

Thank you so much for reading this and considering becoming a Patron of my music & artwork! X

Payment is made securely by PayPal, and you may cancel at any time. If you would prefer to sponsor me privately, then please message me. Thanks for your interest!
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This would enable me to create a brand new full length CD of music featuring all the music inspired by my journeys. Entitled 'Of Mist and Moorland', all Patrons will receive a credit on the artwork of the album, and a free copy of the CD as soon as it is ready!
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