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These are informal and consist of whatever I darn well please!  Best of all, Patrons at this level can contribute to the "Activity Feed."  In other words, we can all talk to each other.  People who aren't Patrons can't comment.  (Only good vibes here on Patreon!

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About Summer XO

I call my songs songbabies, because they really feel like my children. I release new songbabies and accompanying music videos. If you appreciate my work, it would help a lot if you would become my Patron here on Patreon to help me bring you the best creations I possibly can.

Access to my Patron-only stream is available at $1/music video. I have other reward levels for varying degrees of XO-appreciation... or income leve. Any support offered is such a gift. Not just a financial gift, but the gift of your confidence in me and my art. I look forward to interacting with you on Patreon.

Summer XO

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Mastering is the very final process a song goes through before being released.  Knowing my Patrons pushed the song through this final stage would make me so happy!
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