Sunday Morning Shipwrecked

is creating a podcast for an existential tropical island.
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About Sunday Morning Shipwrecked

Sunday Morning Shipwrecked is a podcast for those who have left faith: an in depth exploration of all that goes into and comes out of the experience. A shipwrecked faith is a faith that has run aground, and we are but two of those who have survived and work to build something else.

Our sincerest hope is for this to be a resource for those who are too afraid to admit they've left, or might be leaving; for those who have left and feel like they have no one to talk to; for those who've left and don't want to forget; and for those who couldn't possibly forget, but have a nostalgia, a soft spot, for those going through the same thing. Maybe you've left, but theological shop talk still scratches an itch for you, or maybe you'll never leave and you want to hear how the other side thinks, or maybe this whole world is alien to you, and you want to feel like a protestant themed Jane Goodall as you descend into a world of religion. Whatever your reason, there's got to be something here for you.

The main podcast will be free, and it's my hope to keep it free from advertising and to give it the best presentation possible. This is a fascinating world I want to put as many in contact with as I can, and I thank you for your support.
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