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I grew up watching Discovery Channel and Nat Geo Wild. I used to stay glued to the TV screen and soak in every tale of adventure they’d hand me. To travel and explore has always been my dream but life always somehow gets in the way and dreams get pushed further down the line. 
We buried a friend recently, no one saw it coming. He was full of hopes, dreams and a sea of potentials but today he is lying in a box in the ground. 
Tomorrow is not promised and if today is all I have, I would very much like to spend it wisely. So I decided to take this step.
I have several things/places on my bucket list, I can keep making bucket lists after bucket lists but in the end there isn’t any mountain I wouldn’t love to climb and any forest I wouldn’t love to explore. Then there’s the people - the cultures and the stories they hold. 
I don’t know if I just have my head in the sky or if I’m just plain greedy but I know that I want to experience it all - to live my dream. 

Your donation no matter how little will be thoroughly appreciated because it’ll take me one step closer to my dream. 
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My first goal is to visit Erin Ijesha waterfa
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