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About Joe Eisma

Hey there, I'm Joe Eisma, artist and co-creator of the NY Times Bestselling and multiple Eisner Award Nominated series, Morning Glories, from Image Comics.  I've also illustrated Archie, Riverdale and The Archies from Archie Comics, The Flash from DC Comics, Faith from Valiant Comics, Big Trouble in Little China, Evil Empire & Higher Earth from Boom! Studios, as well as a short in the Vertigo SFX: Slam! Anthology.

So why Patreon?  'Aren't you working on a successful comic series?' 

For many years, it has been successful, but after the end of Season 2 of Morning Glories, with attrition on single issues, and a very costly reprint of our Compendium, income is down.  The rest of trade and collections sales are good, but payment is sporadic.  Simply put, it's tough to maintain a consistent income flow in comics. You're always hustling from one job to the next, bugging editors and other creators you know for gigs.  A Patreon would help me continue to pursue my career in comics and illustration, keep Morning Glories in publication, and give me a chance to do some fun new projects I've not yet had time for. 

Once I get going and hit certain milestone goals, I'll start a Patreon exclusive Morning Glories comic that will be a fun look at the mythology and social structure of Morning Glory Academy. 

It's called MGA Gossip Girls, and you won't find it anywhere else but here on my Patreon page.  Think of it as Rozencrantz and Guildenstern in the MGA Universe.  You'll see these girls interact with the main Morning Glories comic timeline from the beginning and get a totally different perspective on the narrative.  That'll be the main comic project I'll pursue, and eventually, I'll get to some more personal and varied comic projects. 

I hope you'll consider pledging!  I've got all sorts of fun things planned! 
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I'll do a black and white comic strip, Supa-Tales, which will be funny/random stuff about my endeavors in creating comics. Plus process/behind the scenes stuff on my blog.
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