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GameDroid is a brand new gaming blogging website! We like to dub ourselves as "Next Generation Blogging" as unlike most gaming sites we try to be as unbiased as possible when it comes to our opinions and reviews. We also have a leaderboard which displays every game we review which is something unique to our site! We also have GameDroid Originals which are coming in Spring 2018, these are fully made shows based all around gaming. 

What is this page all about? 
This is the Patreon page for GameDroid! From this page you can pay a monthly subscription to us so that we can continue to make the content you love and to keep the site ad-free FOREVER!

Ok, thats pretty cool.... But what's in it for me?
Well.... quite alot actually! For starters, we own CreatorStorm which is our game development group, once we release a new game you'll automatically get the game for FREE! You'll also be put onto our list for BETA testing our games! Finally every now and then we may do some Steam code giveaways! Only those who are contributing will be able to win one!

Is there anything else?
Oh yes! You will have exclusive access to Patreon exclusive blog posts! Also you will get early previews for some of our bigger and major blogs from the main site! You will also get previews of new GameDroid Original shows and even get to see some episodes before anyone else! Finally you get to be on the site! You will be placed on the list of Patreons and be on the site forever! You may even get a chance to write a blog for the website yourself!

Fair enough, but why does GameDroid need the contributions? What does it go towards? 
This patreon page will give the developers of GameDroid a more stable income so we can keep the site Ad-Free! Just picture it now... None of those pesky ads when your trying to read a blog post, we know we like that idea! Any money will also be put back into the site itself so that we can further improve the site with more features. With some extra money we will also be looking into hiring some new people to help work on the site... It only makes things better in the long run!

What about sponsered advertisments? Does that mean we'll never see sh*t like Best Fiends on your website?
It does indeed my friend. The more support we get the less of that kind of crap!

Thats... pretty awesome.
You're damn right it is! 

I should hurry and sign up right now! 
Yes you should.

GameDroid is the greatest! 
Yes we know.

Wait... Isn't an editor from GameDroid typing this out.
Um... No.

I think I'll just go and plead my support, just because of how awesome they are.
Excellent... You know its for the best.

Wait... Isn't this just some form of manipulation?

$0 of $50 per month
Upgrade Site Capacity and Bandwidth etc. + Blogging every single day!
If we hit this first major goal then we will be able to make some improvements to the site by upgrading our package. Every penny of this will be going into making the site better and future proof!

We'll also make sure that we post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on the main site. More exclusive rewards may be unlocked if you hit this target also. 
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