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Citizens are the backbone of Accessitropolis, the great city protected by Superblindman. Citizens are, in fact, so important to Superblindman that he will keep track of all their names, and give them a shoutout on his live stream!
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Reporters can make or break a superhero's reputation. Fortunately, Superblindman knows this, and will therefore do his best to make nice with the reporters of accessitropolis. How will he do this? He will write them a poem with a theme of their choice every month they pledge. Best of all, he'll still give them a shoutout as well!
Accessitropolis PD
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The police remain an integral part of crimefighting, even with amazing superheros like Superblindman running around. Occasionally, Superblindman must work with them in order to earn their trust. He is therefore willing to use his skills as an expert mimic to create personalized voicemail messages for them using the voice they choose, though he can only do this once for each police detective and must stick to voices he is capable of. Additionally, to stay in their good graces, he will also provide them the citizens' and reporters' benefits as well. Don't tell the reporters, though.




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About Superblindman

Greetings everyone!
I am a totally blind gamer, as well as an advocate for the accessibility of video games to blind people. I have spoken at multiple conferences and events, talking to game developers about the possibilities for blind accessibility in their games. I speak with passion because I am passionate. I am a lifelong gamer in spite of the challenges gaming can present to the blind, and I wish to do whatever I can to further spread the message that the blind are gamers too, and that we want to play the amazing games developers are making these days.

To that end, I have been blogging for some time. You can find my blog on I've also started a Youtube channel, which you can reach at the link below, as well as a Twitch page. With all of these mediums, I seek to entertain my audience, as well as continue to inform and educate about video game accessibility. I talk about games we can play, and games we can't, as well as the reasons why. I've been told my existing content achieves its desired effects.

Now, I am without a full-time job. Rather than viewing this as a negative, though, I see it instead as a chance to dive headlong into work that is so, so important to me, and to the blind gaming community. This is my passion, and given the wonderful things that have already happened, the connections I have fostered, the people I've met, I believe this is what I am meant to do.

That is the journey I want to take with you. By pledging to my Patreon, you will be furthering the cause of game accessibility, as you will be allowing me to do things I used to do on the side in a more full-time capacity. You'll see more blog posts, more streams and Youtube content, more me. As we go on this journey together, as this thing grows even larger, I will be able to attend more events, cover them from a blind gamer's perspective, and of course continue to directly educate and work with developers on making their games more accessible. Plus, on top of all that, there'll be perks for you, some of which can directly influence the content everyone sees.
Remember, accessibility helps everyone. Making games accessible ensures that everyone will be able to play them, and that's the way it should be.

So join me if you will, and let's make accessibility happen. You can follow me on Twitter, find me on Facebook, watch my streams on twitch, and view all my videos on demand on Youtube. Lastly, thank you. Your contribution, no matter how small, means a lot to me. It means you are watching and/or reading, and that you're enjoying the content either because you're entertained, or because you believe in the message I'm sending. Either way, thank you.
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Jackbox Party Pack Week! If we can hit this goal, I'll do a week's worth of streams of the existing Party Pack games with a few friends and, of course, you!
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