is creating RPG fantasy Animated maps and art packs
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The Artificer
per month

-Once per month you will get 15-20 art Icons to create your own maps. By choosing this tier you will create yourself a large library of arts and tokens to build your own stuff.

-All high resolution fantasy themed arts and tokens with .PNG transparent backgrounds, all that for the low price of 1$

Game Master fantasy map
per month

-You will get 1 map  per month ( approximately) that will be exclusive to patreon, so basically it means it will not be on Drivethru or Kickstarter, it will be exclusive  to my  Patrons.

- The map could be 8.5x11 or 11x17    300 dpi  with and without grids ( grids are 1 inch= 5 feet)

The collector (Maps + Art Icons)
per month

Get the monthly map and the arts bundle 



About Supercaptain

Welcome on my Patreon page ! 
I had the chance to have the most exquisite backers on Kickstarter, many followers on my facebook page,Drivethrurpg  and my website. I would like to thank you, because of your loyalty I can now almost live from my arts and to be honest, I think I am one the luckiest artist in the world.I didn't knew about Patreon and now that I have discovered this amazing platform I think it will lead us to incredible things !
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-I will be releasing 1 exclusive map per 30 days
If we reach 1000$/Month , I will do 2 animated maps instead of 1 !!!

-I will release 15-20 art Icons a Month so you will be able to build your own library of items and create your own maps.
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