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About Dave

My name is Dave. No, really, it is.
I am a husband, father of 3 daughters. I have responsibilities like house and car payments, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Let's be real, I wont get famous doing this. And I don't plan on receiving untold riches from viral videos. I make sensible content that is watchable by all. I don't use bad language, get all crazy, scream, yell. I am easy to get along with. I always respond to comments and twitter messages. How many famous YouTubers can say that? I appreciate you coming to hang out and watch what I've made. It gives me a special feeling, knowing that someone else likes what I like.

The money donated here will be combined with my own money and reinvested into my channel. My PC and other equipment I use to record are getting older by the press of every key and button, and will need to be replaced eventually with better gear. I currently do not have an adequate graphics card for my PC and most of the recording I do is on a laptop that only has 8 gigs of ram with no video card.

The lack of a donation will not shut down my channel and cause me to quit. You make this channel a success. Your views, comments, and likes keep this channel open for business and I will continue to create.

I am working on getting a Patreon/donator only Minecraft server put together, however, as it stands right now, I have nothing to give back.

Thanks for your consideration,
$0 of $20 per month
I currently have a bottom-of-the-barrel graphics card that is very slow at handling even minor graphics. I believe it was mainly sold to those who perform business type applications and not meant for gaming. The amount donated will be matched with my own money to purchase a new NVIDIA GTX 980 to replace the current AMD Radeon R7 240 card I currently have. 
Thanks for considering a donation!
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