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Hi!  Some of my readers have expressed interest in showing their support through the exchange of literal money, so I've made this page for anyone who would like to do that, and also hopefully get some worthwhile extra stuff in the process.

I freelance as an actor/singer, and work a variety of other jobs to make ends meet, so I haven't always been able to justify spending too much time on my writing.  Over the past year, however, in taking stock of the things in my life that really matter to me, I realized how much I've always wanted to pursue my writing more seriously, and am taking steps to bring that dream to fruition at last!

Some goals for the near future:
  • RUYANA AND THE WOLF is now available as an eBook via the Amazon Kindle Store, but any of my patrons are welcome to contact me for a free copy! I have a couple of follow-up stories planned to publish in the same manner, and then I will combine them into a collection that will be available as a paperback!
  • I'll be reworking one of my fan fiction pieces, "crave" into a more originally-driven work for the same purpose, and I'm hoping to recycle a couple more short fanfics.
  • I've been making a concentrated effort to move some long-standing fanworks to completion, that I may focus on my newer projects more freely.
  • I've begun reworking my fanfiction The Prisoner into a second draft, with the eventual intention of trying to publish it, and plan to focus more intently on this project once the above have progressed significantly.

Not only would a little extra financial support be very welcome in these uncertain times, but it serves as incredible inspiration that anyone would want to support my work through this medium.

What you can expect to see here:
  • Updates on the reworking and attempt at publication for The Prisoner
  • The occasional Live Write
  • Lots of WIPs
  • Scrapped drafts of longer works
  • Inspiration and other assorted nonsense
  • This is still a relatively new venture for me, so I'm always looking for ways to improve your experience!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts

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