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About Joey

Hi, I'm Joey and I'm a 31 year old English girl who plays games for the internet and crochets cute characters from them!

I'm a Lets Player specialising in blind playthroughs of classic games that most people my age grew up with! I focus on being welcoming, friendly and chilled out, and I do my best to evoke that feeling of sitting on the couch with a friend trying to figure out a video game together! I upload these playthroughs on my youtube channel for everyone to enjoy, along with the archives of my streams which is a thing I also very much enjoy doing!

Unfortunately I am poor. I'm a student and unemployed so I have very little cash flow. This is somewhat of a problem when you want to do lets plays of things that are quite frankly out of your reach for now. There are so many games I want to play for the first time, or stream to people but I just don't have the consoles and equipment required! That's where you come in! With your support you will enable me to do many more things on many more platforms in much higher quality!

To thank you for this, I'll give you a boatload of content, from more streams of videogames you guys want me to play, to actual, physical crocheted gifts handmade by me, just for you! What more could you want?
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I will find and stream a copy of the Dragon Lore sequel, because the internet just can't get enough of watching me play incomprehensibly bad early 90s adventure games. 
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