Super Intense Jeremiah

is creating Solitude, a Steampunk Victorian Style Video Game
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About Super Intense Jeremiah

Hi! Super Intense Jeremiah here! I started the Project Lilac several months ago, creating a smart phone based top-down third person shooter. I’ve been working as a software and optical engineer for three years and I recently quit my job thus to have more time spent on this project.
I had better feelings about this game as longer I spent time on the plots, graphics, game magnetisms, and the core level designs. As a hard-core gamer ever since mid school, I had gradually come up with my own thoughts and tastes for what a decent game should be.
Inspired by Dark Souls franchise and Bloodborne, I came up with my own vision of creating a mobile version of an innovated Soul/Bloodborne styled game, and planned to take full advantage of nowadays smart phones' graphic capabilities and unique functionalities. 
I thus decided to throw all my time and energy at this interesting idea, and with all your help, I believe, I will be able to make this happen with a fairly short amount of time, introducing a pure “new DNA” to our beloved video game industry!

A Cthulhu, but not a Cthulhu

    Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, the story of “Solitude” took place in Victorian London, immersed in a dark and mysterious atmosphere, our protagonist Jeremiah is struggling between losing his sanity and facing the truth behind the reality. The very philosophy of Lovecraft is about the fear of unknown, the story of “Solitude” however, took a twist from this idea, and is about the fear of “knowing”: the more you have learnt the more horrifying the world would’ve been reviewed. Our protagonist Jeremiah has a unwilling gift: the more insight he gains, the deeper the truth behind this physical world he would review, visually! The game features different structures, enemy forms and aggressiveness based on the amount of insight the player has, and also changes the surrounding and environment within the same level, players are able to “activate” the insight anytime to alternate the geometry and path of the current level, and beware, the enemies will behave differently based on the activation of your insight, and its current amount. 

A Soul Game, and Much More

    I always had a love-n-hate relation with Dark Soul games, it was extremely rewarding on one hand, and was quite frustrating on the other. It often happens when I spent hours farming for high level mobs to upgrade my character, then ended up with dying by one hit. Well, that happens not only because a hard-core game as it is, but also the sluggish control and lazy efforts it tossed on the character dynamics, which I use to believe that they merely had their issue covered with a “you are supposed to die a lot” excuse. In Solitude, the game will be extremely punishing, but you don’t need to ever concern about the timing, weight capacity, or the “useless” health upgrades in end game. The gameplay magnetism will be optimized nicely, with an increased amount of "invincible time" dodging and rolling, offensive actions will be in a much faster pace, more importantly, no one uses a great sword in Victorian Era! Indeed, Jeremiah is a master of range weapons, and you will have a grand access to different firearms including: revolver, postal, rifle, shotgun, and crossbow… But remember this: hunting from a distance for an extremely fast-n-aggressive foe doesn’t grant you a lazy trigger happy moment! They will hit you, and they will hit you hard!

A Bloodborne, with no "Blood"

I always had a good time performing transform attacks in Bloodborne, and in Solitude the weapon transformation will take a leap of faith from its predecessor, that says: most of firearms have melee versions of their own unique functionalities, and yes, some of the typical weapons still have a ranged secondary version, such as a semi-auto sniper-rifle would have a “fully loaded” transform, so you can charge it up for several times, and take a very powerful shot at your foe, which deals a massive amount of damage. But it never hurts to add a short blade to your fancy-looking revolver with extra gears, if you choose to face a strong foe in a close quarter combat.
Meantime, the health system will be completely removed from the root design of game, now your stamina is your health! Well, that doesn’t mean by you can keep stay away from the mobs and breath real hard to get your hit points back like what we all do in CODs :)
The health system, is now integrated with your stamina. Getting hit by a mob will drain a fairly large portion of your current stamina, and if your current stamina isn’t enough to cover that hit, then the max amount of the stamina will be damaged, which stays as long as you decided not to drink the “Tears of Jordan”: and yes, that’s what a “health potion” is called in the “Solitude”, and it refills your stamina cap! But beware, the “Tears of Jordan” does not only stand for its fancy name after the holy river, it could also massively damage your foes in a fairly large area when you ran out of the options for gaining an upper hand, and yes, the “Tears” are pretty hard to find in the game.

A Mobile Game, a “Real”, “Actual” Mobile Game

I always had issues against the current mobile game designs, where most of them did a poorly and lazy job on their control input. Admit it or not, they face-spammed the console controller on your smart phone screen and got away with it all the time! To me, they look more like a PC game with poor graphics on a much smaller screen. But a smart phone can do a lot more than that! Thus in Solitude, unique smart phone input will be considered seriously: for instance, you can now load a firearm by shake your cell phone, and keep “thumb swipe” for a faster loading or shooting (for certain weapons of course!), and the little motor in your smart phone will also be taken seriously: it will work as a “trigger reaction”, as what a console controller does! (it is optional of course, for the sake of your battery!)

An Innovation Never Ends

An innovation never ends! The Pateron is a journey of clashing of ideas, I will be always active and interactive, and I’m more than happy to hear from you guys for any good ideas or inspirations. As a gamer myself, I am working on a very game that deserves all who work as hard, and play as hard as all us gamers, for which reason, I sincerely need as much help as you may kindly provide!

For daily news and updates about my project, please follow me on Instagram at:

My Sincerest Thanks!
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