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About d7

Hi, I'm Martin Wardener, AKA d7. SuperNeo is a graphics oriented programming platform framed as an imagined piece of hardware that you code against using raw C/C++. I guess you could classify it as a "fantasy console" of sorts, but unlike most fantasy consoles it's neither "retro" in style nor tech specs and fully modern in its capabilities.

Its role is intended to be a cross between low-barrier-to-entry coding playground, educational/tutorial tool, rapid prototyping platform, jam engine and an actual commercial-grade game engine/framework to make 2D games and other graphics-oriented applications in. 

My focus is on practical and pedagogical simplicity, meaning i want it to be simple, unintimidating, and frictionless to get started with and use. The SuperNeo engine is free and will be distributed in a specifically developed "binary source" format; a single, standalone, self-contained, zero-dependency C/C++ source file that includes both the API and the engine itself.

The purpose of this Patreon is to serve as the activity hub for SuperNeo and provide a way for users and community members to express their support and contribute to the project's continued development.

Note: Expect this content to be placeholder while I get my bearings..