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Thank you! With this reward, we offer you our thanks and appreciation for your guys support on our dream of making SUR and TGC into our jobs. We will also add you the the end credits on any video we release on SUR or TGC. Also, if we put out any Patreon only content, you would have access to it.

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Executive Producer! By pledging this to the channel, you will have your names added to the ends of each of the reviews on Super Unimportant Reviews and The Geek Chest, starting on the next video that is posted after the donation. Your name will be posted higher then the names at the $1 tier.

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Producer! With this pledge, your name will be added to the end of each review on Super Unimportant Reviews, starting on the next video that is posted after the donation. Your name will be listed first over the Executive Producers and you will also get a personal shout out on Super Unimportant Reviews on the next review that is posted after the donation. If you have something you would like us to share in the shout out (like a Youtube channel or Facebook), please let us know.




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About The Geek Chest / Super Unimportant Reviews
Hello! Our names are Arnes and Steve and we run a few channels on Youtube called Super Unimportant Reviews and The Geek Chest. We primarily do reviews for action figures and collectables on SUR, and TGC is mainly for monster movie reviews, let's plays, our toy hauls, and unboxing of figures that we do on SUR. We have been around for 2 years now and have been getting a great fanbase on both of these channels and have been growing at a steady pace.
     Now, why should you support our channel? Well, for starters what this will allow us to do is to help us get to or primary goal even faster, which is to be able to do these videos for a living. With the support that we would receive from here, we would be using it to increase our production value, get better items for reviews, increase the amount of videos that we do, and have these videos come out on a consistent bases. Cause with bills, living expenses, full-time jobs, and having to use most of our spare money to support the channel right now, we can only do so much. But with the help we would receive from you Rangers, we would be able to accomplish more and get more of the videos out that everyone enjoys. Videos like Stevie's Toy Room, Board Game videos, Stop Motion videos, and more reviews in general.
     Next, your donations would help to keep us honest. Now, you guys know we always give you our honest opinion on the products and are never trying to pander to a company. We do these reviews as a consumer, for consumers. What I mean by this is that eventually for this channel, our end goal is to turn this into our job. In order to do this, we would have to use Google Adsens or get sponsors for our content. With Google, that is going to take a very long time to accomplish so we would eventually have to go with trying to get sponsors. The problem with that is when we would get figures and such from them in order to do reviews (and get some income) we would have to promote their product, even if it is not quite relate-able to the channel. What your donations would allow us to do is not even have to worry about said problems. We want to keep the channel the just like it is now and not eventually bogging it down with content that might not be what we had originally intended for the channels.
     So any money that could be spared to help turn our dreams into a reality would be greatly appreciated. We thank you for tuning into our channel and your guys continued support.
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Better quality videos! With this goal we are able to start acquiring better equipment to help increase the production value on all of our videos.
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