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Your support is appreciated no matter how small. This tier will give you access to Patreon-exclusive posts (whatever those may be) and a role in my eventual Discord server.




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About Dingo

Hello there kind fellow. Seems you stumbled upon my Patreon. Let's hope it was intentional.

My name is Marcus, although I tend to go by whatever username I currently have. You may notice I tend to change it a bit too often. My plan is to create gaming videos on YouTube about whatever I want to cover. This could include lets plays or more scripted topics. Either way, I figure that I could use some assistance. From what I hear YouTube is not the kindest to fresh blood like me, so I decided to create this Patreon to help support me in the future.

Rewards and such have not been figured out yet but everything will be going smoothly eventually. Thank you for visiting and potentially supporting my little self.