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Every Little Helps this I would recommend for the ones who want to donate but don't have to worry about breaking you budget.

I would recommend if your new or are on a tight budget.

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Level 2 Donation Not only get's a Thank you. 

But also a shout out toward the end of each video in the special credits added to the end of the video. Even if you don't have a YouTube user name, can give me a Twitter or Instagram name as well too.

I'd recommend if your new or on a tight budget.

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Not only you get the previous awards such as Thank you and Shoutout in a Video Special Credits. 

You will get to ask a question that I will answer in a video. Especially since I've prefer to keep content going on YouTube. Depending on how many are interested in going this far on the donation.  

Few Disclaimers:

*Keep it clean

*Nothing to complicated

*Feel free to be Specific

*Nothing to personal or uncomfortable to answer

Not only I recommend for ones on budget, but also for ones who want to have fun.




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About Bernie Garcia AKA Surferbrg

Hello and welcome to my Patreon.

About me is I'm a huge nerd/geek that's into anime, video games, cosplaying, exploring conventions, travleing, loves to dress up, and a bit of a foodie I've been making YouTube videos have been my passion and hobby, never intended as a full time job. Started in around 2006 when the platform was new, 1st video was wearing an inflatable cow costume. It was during High School and wanted to have some fun. Then after that I studied video editing software and learn from mistakes made while working on videos. After all that I'm already at 1,200 Subscribers and got a good crowd/following on the platform.

How ever in 2017 to beginning of 2018 YouTube had to make a chance to Partnership Program from 20,000 total upload views to needing 1,000 subscriber and 4,000 hours of watch time per year. I've joined the program in 2009 and it was fine at 1st, but after years went by and starting showing signs of struggling. So after everything hit the fan, decided to resign from the program and join the Patreon Family. So hope you all like the channel.

I will say I'm the type that doesn't resort to crowd funding, but after what happen. I've decided to give this Patreon a try. I also don't ask for much, but it does go a long way and will admit there are times were I could use a little help or encouragement. Hope you all like what I'm going to produce and thanks for being a part of my channel.

Another Disclaimer: I Do have a Mild Autism, ADD, Asperger, and Dyslexia so if I make any mistakes, errors on typing it's the reasons for stuff being sloppy. But Cosplaying, Making Videos are a few of my Passions and I've love to keep they going. Have other interests too but don't want to post too much.
$0 of $50 per month
Basic goal, Just want to see how this platform will work but it will be a huge thank you to the ones for helping me keep the content running.

Money would pretty much go toward improving or making upgrades to the YouTube Channel.
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