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is creating Dragon Ball Z art and Some Original Dragon Ball Art
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wow you actually give me money, umm ok well you can send me images for dragon ball characters/moments from the series for me to draw as long as its a good quality image, you will also have access to my discord server where we can talk dragon ball and play dragon ball and draw dragon ball with me or just make me do it, that works too. You will also get a discord rank that allows access to art in progress and a chat where you and the lads can chat and stuff, I might pop in every now and then. Other benifits are included.

we can also just chat too, thats cool.

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Why, why did you give me more money, well fuck it, you get all the above and you can now have personal lessons with me whenever I'm free. If you want to get better at art and don't know where to start and youtube tutorials are too shit, then you can come and talk to me about it and I'll try my best to show you the basics of art and get you drawing Goku without a tiny head, like I did starting off.

You can also ask me to do original pieces of Dragon Ball Z art of the character of your choosing and I will try my best to make it the best it possibly can be with my level of skill, now I haven't done much original pieces of art but fuck it, I'll try. You will also have a discord rank that grants you access to my original pieces of art text chat, art commissions and a private chat where we can talk about dragon ball or whatever the fuck you want, it's your money.




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About Surreal Art

So you have managed to stumble onto my patreon page, I am Surreal Artist, I know banging name.
I am an up-incoming Dragon Ball Z artist that wants to become an animater in the future, maybe your from the future and this page has changed into an animation patreon, I don't know. If you like Dragon Ball and want to drawing of a character from the series drawn with markers, pencils or done digitally, then consider tossing me a buck or two and I might just do it. You can also ask for custom prints for characters that you might have made up or other characters that you might want in place for others. I have examples of my work on my instagram that you can find on my patreon somewhere, you'll have to find it. Due to my college work getting in the way, I might be late to some commissions but I will get it done at an acceptable time frame and quality. By Donating to me, you will be in contact with me frequently for prints and such, maybe we can be best buds, who knows. Anyway, if this interests you, chuck me some money, please, maybe, ok.
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I will do a live stream where patreons can ask me questions, tell me what to draw and in general just tell me what to do for a few hours.
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