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About Susie Brown

Hey everyone! Thank you SO much for making it to my Patreon page. I have had the best time on the road this year meeting you guys all over the United States. I have big plans for 2017 and I've already released two music videos I recorded myself in my little home studio. My goal is to release several new videos every month and I would love your support to help execute this plan. I want to be able to hire someone to edit and film my videos, as well as hire a professional to mix and master all the tracks so I can post them on iTunes as well. In 2010 I release an album on Warner Brothers Nashville with my duo the JaneDear girls, and I would love to put together my first solo CD of original music. I want to produce the most amazing videos and music possible for the most amazing fans in the world. Please consider joining as a patron so that you can join me on this special journey. 

What is Patreon:
Unlike KickStarter, which is about one big project that requires lots of funding, Patreon allows fans to become patrons, which means that they can give a donation, for whatever amount they want, when I release a new video. All of this money then goes to helping me bring you more videos. My goal is to release at least two new music videos every month, but if you're concerned about going over budget then you can set a monthly maximum, and you can cancel at any time.

Where your money goes:
 All money collected will solely be used for the production of the music and videos. Please note, you can set your monthly max so you never go over your monthly budget!

We hope that you consider becoming our patron and join us in our journey. I love my patrons, and I'm offering some awesome rewards for you too!
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