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About Suspect Press

Founded in 2013, Suspect Press is an independent arts and literature newsprint magazine published in Denver, Colorado and delivered (for free!) to the coolest corners of our beloved city. Our magazine combines the raw energy of zine culture with the editorial sharpness and commercial reach of mainstream publications, presented in a cleanly designed format.

Life in Denver is becoming increasingly difficult for an artist. At Suspect Press, our aim is not only to deliver kickass comics, literature, poetry and art to our readers, but to provide some small economic relief to our struggling creative community.

By becoming a Patreon supporter of Suspect Press you can be a part of our mission to put money in the pockets of Denver artists. With this Patreon account we are relaying 100% of our donations to the contributors of our magazine. Not a penny will go toward the profits of this company.

You can check out some of our magazine content on our website:
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We thank ye kindly for a small donation of $2 a month. In exchange for your support, you will have access to our Patron-only posts featuring art, literature, poetry and comics. 
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All Suspects will have access to our Patron-only posts, as well as access to the editorial team for advice on running your own magazine, such as how to find contributors. You will also receive an honorable mention in the next issue of Suspect Press (optional). 
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Beats will receive a packet of the current issue and a selection of back-issues in the mail.

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Tralfamadorians are eligible to receive professional edits and feedback on one story (up to 2000 words) per month. Though we read and respond to all submissions, this guarantees a thorough response, rather than just a form letter. Please expect up to a 2-week wait for feedback.
Wind-Up Birds
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Wind-Up Birds get to choose between a custom 1-page comic or a custom flash fiction story, created by a Suspect Press team member. Prompts are encouraged!
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Pennywises will receive a Suspect Press Books package, including copies of Josiah Hesse's pop horror novel Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake, comic books by Dan Landes in collaboration with Noah Van Sciver and Karl Christian Krumpholz, and Brian Polk's novel Placement of Character. Other goodies will also be included in the package.
$76 of $250 per month
This is our monthly goal for raising funds for the contributors of each quarterly issue of Suspect Press.
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