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About Sailing Dare to Dream

Hello all,

We are so excited for this! But first, a little about us. Our family, Keith, Kathy, Saylor and Coral are much like you in many ways. We had good career jobs, Keith a Firefighter/Paramedic and Kathy a Medical Assistant to a Family Physician. Our children, when not in school, had been involved in every extra curricular activity from sports, cheerleading, gymnastics, music lessons, etc.. that they could be exposed to. By all accounts we were a typical family living a typical life. But something was missing.... Adventure!  Without realizing, we had become locked in this routine where we were (all four) constantly going in different directions. One morning, while getting ready for the rat race of school and work, Saylor said something quite profound. He asked, "Mom, is this all there is to life? Work and school, work and school?". Which stopped me dead in my tracks as I answered "NO" but the answer may as well have been "yes" because that was what it had become, at least for us. It was then that we decided to make this change in our lives.

Why Patreon?

First, this is an amazing platform to share our journey with you all. But, in order to make this a reality we had to make some sacrifices. Leaving the security and comfort of our jobs, with income, retirement, health insurance, etc. was definitely not easy. To do so, we took a HUGE leap of faith. Some of you may be wondering, as we have at times, what were we thinking?! Haha! We sold everything we owned, house, vehicles, furniture, etc.. you get the idea. We didn't end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a new or newer boat. Much less in fact. We found an older boat that needed a fair amount of work to make her seaworthy and our own. Even now it is still a work in progress. We are minimalists, as you will see. Kathy's motto is "Less is More". But there are still costs. We have come to realize the word BOAT stands for Break Out Another Thousand. Every income dollar generated will go into helping us improve this page, maintain our boat, and keep our family's journey going. We welcome you to come along with us, and are extremely grateful for your support! So hop on board with us and Dare to Dream!

$32 of $5,000 per Episode
Obviously, it takes money to keep us going. However, our goals are not set solely on making money. This page is set on inspiring others! For anyone sitting in their office or cubicle, doing their job and daily routine, but dreams of something more, this is for YOU, so listen up! Your dream may not necessarily be the same as ours, but whatever your dream is, it's out there, so GO GET IT!!

We want to upgrade our equipment to bring you the highest quality and most interesting and engaging videos possible, so contributions from our patrons are necessary and invaluable to the success of this page. We could not do it without you all!!

This goal is a bit more personal. FAMILY! Our hope is to bond our family's closeness so that no matter where we are in life, we will always have each other to depend on. To make lifelong memories that our children and us will never forget. To educate them academically through homeschool (which is completely new to us and also quite challenging- Eeeek!), and in a more worldly sense, showing them other cultures and giving them an "out of the box" learning experience. To help them become adventurous, independent, and well rounded individuals. To get them to question everything, and get them to live up to their maximum potential.

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