is creating Minecraft mods and maps
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About ShyNieke

Welcome to the Patreon of ShyNieke, or Shy as some of you may know me.

You've found this place by sheer force of will, dumb luck...or you asked for a way to help support my insanity. And by insanity I totally mean creative genius.
I'm the mind behind the Statues Mod for Minecraft, as well as other currently unnamed projects.

So what do I get out of this deal, you may be wondering. My current goals are as followed:
-Brand New PC (currently around 300 euro short on)
-Other PC Equipment/Software to help me get started Streaming
-Finance my Gender Change

What do you as a loyal contributor get?

-Early Access to my projects

-A Special Dedicated Patreon Statue from the aforementioned Minecraft Mod
-My eternal gratitude and maybe cookies, but I make no promises
-The feeling of doing a good deed by helping someone out
-More Things that I may not have planned or can think of currently.

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